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School of Rock Northshore


1872 N Causeway Blvd
Mandeville, LA 70471
985-589-ROCK (7625)



School of Rock is a performance-based extra-curricular music program that creates musicians by offering weekly private lessons and group rehearsals that culminate in a performance at a real music venue every semester. We offer free demo lessons to all prospective students, and offer programs for ages 4 – adult. These programs are Little Wing, Rookies, Rock 101, Performance Program, Songwriting Program, and Adult Program.

Using a unique model of combining private 1-on-1 weekly lessons with a weekly group rehearsal, each student gets to experience a learning environment that is both individually need-based as well as fully immersive on a group level. It brings to the student the benefits of team sports – leadership skills, confidence-building, social interaction, group dynamics, self-responsibility and respect for others. It adds to that the community aspect of performing at live venues around the region, participating in a band, and contributing to the culture of the school.

Musically, the student receives top-notch instruction from highly qualified teachers that are either touring professionals or teachers with college degrees and/or years of teaching experience. Using School of Rock’s proprietary instruction tools – including our own lesson books, a Method App designed to be used on any device, and a full catalog of songs and transcriptions of over 1300 songs – the student is equipped to master their instrument by learning and performing songs covering the wide variety of material in the Rock and Roll genre.

School of Rock also offers each student the chance to grow and learn with the assistance of multiple staff members, each one knows the skill level and goals of the student. In contrast to a traditional 1-on-1 experience, the School of Rock model gives each student a Private Instructor, Show Director, Music Director, and General Manager. All four of these staff members help to nurture every student, giving them challenges to help them grow, offering support and guidance in their musical journey, and working together as a team to be sure every student is moving in the direction uniquely determined by the needs of that student.

A popular School of Rock motto is “We specialize in shy”. One of the two most common reviews we receive is how happy the parents are to see their child become more confident and interactive, and how our school is more like a family than a learning institution. We pride ourselves on the fact that students who may not feel like they fit in other places, come to School of Rock and find a place where they feel welcome by both the staff and their peers, and we have found that they really thrive in that kind of environment.

School of Rock really does embody the fusion of musical learning, group interaction, and positive values.

School of Rock camps offer the full experience of being a musician in a rock band! Campers will spend the week rehearsing and learning songs in preparation for their big LIVE SHOW which takes place on Friday at a real venue around town – in front of a real audience of their friends and family. With camps from ages 6 – 17, there is something for every skill level. Use Coupon Code “NOLACAMP24” (metairie) or NSCAMP24 (northshore) for a 10% discount!