NOLA Family Directory

Cathedral Montessori School


9 Fortress Rd
New Orleans, LA 70122
(504) 252-4871


Cathedral Montessori School (CMS) serves students aged 3-13 and is dedicated to realizing each child’s potential through the transformative power of education. Embracing the SPAC Montessori philosophy, the school aims to create lifelong learners and problem solvers by fostering self-motivation, confidence, and autonomy using Montessori equipment and materials. The prepared environment includes areas for science, math, practical life, art, culture, language, and sensorial exploration. In line with Dr. Maria Montessori’s holistic approach, the school acknowledges the inseparability of a child’s physical, social, emotional, aesthetic, spiritual, and cognitive aspects.

CMS provides an education of hope, self-motivation and discovery to a population of students who will go on to contribute and problem solve creatively in both the local community and beyond. Growth, transformation and culture remain constant to support independent inquiry and discovery, to provide examples of emotional confidence and empathy, and to develop social justice and collective responsibility. Committed to honoring each child’s uniqueness, the school cultivates a love for learning, independent thinking, and essential life skills.